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We offers 25 different colours with NO extra cost

We are manufacturer and Distributor

Get an onsite inspection if you are based in Victoria, this is $50 refundable if you decide to process with us


Contact us to get a free quote and introduction 


Your order will take 6-8 weeks to complete


Priority with extra cost



Odd Shape $288/m2

Standard shape $195/m2

Choose from 25 different colours for FREE, Premium shutters

Smart people's Choice!


Shutters become very popular window covering decoration. With T'er SUN shutters, we custom-made all sizes and shapes of windows, and variety of colours.

You can choose from 25 different colours or you can bring sample of any colour you like and we will manufacture shutters accordingly. (Surcharge applies for stain and custom colours)

Premium Shutters are a classically elegant as well as providing an excellent way to control light and airflow in your home, good insulation, they are low maintenance, allergy-free and easy to use.

We Manufacture All Size And All Shape

Arches, port holes, irregular shapes and large openings do not present a problem. All of our shutters are handmade and can be individually crafted to fit the most unusual shape and size of any opening.

Product Features:

• Made to fit any size, shape and style

• Resistant to warping

• easy workability, durability

• Come with all the parts you need for installation

• Lots of Solid colours – will not fade, crack or peel ( 10 different shades of white, Jade black, Fresh grey, 10 different Timber colours, 2 shades of Golden colours )

• Custom painted or made in any colour or shape for extra

• Suits wet areas like bathroom and kitchen

• Outstanding Insulation

• Add value to home for many years to come

• Low maintenance

• Panels come with 3 widths

• Child friendly if using correctly

Regular Shape PVC/ Basswood Shutters 25 colours available

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